Raising children—and communities—with intelligence and creativity, compassion and power? Let me be your guide.


Infuse your Parenting with principles from brain science and Music & Arts—To help your child Find rhythm, and to Build connection together.

What would it mean for our children to find their true rhythm in life, and build deep connection with others? Would they trust in their own power, and show compassion towards others? Would they maximize their intelligence, while thriving in their creativity? Join me as we explore how the brain is shaped by music, arts and education—from infancy and throughout our lives. You’ll gain the tools you need to support your child’s optimal development… and along the way, you'll discover your own rhythm and connection, too.


Hello! I’m Jessica—a cognitive neuroscientist, musician, and mother. I've spent 20 years researching and writing about the effects of musical rhythm on children’s brain development. Now I use principles from brain science, the arts and education to inspire a vision of what children and communities need in order to find rhythm, and build connection.

In addition to being a guide for families, I partner with professional arts organizations, schools and hospitals to teach about the science and art of music in development, in education and in healing. Of course, I also apply the principles of rhythm and connection to raising my own family—and I’m here to help you do the same. Thank you for joining me, and for believing in the power of our children to change the world.